Pete Umoff

Pete Umoff is the founder of Stairway Publishing and author of "A Fine Kettle Of Fish."  He is a practicing attorney in Santa Barbara , California , where he is a partner in the law firm of Seed Mackall LLP.  Pete grew up as one of five kids in a military family.  He attended and graduated high school in Houston , Texas , and received his bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin , Texas and his juris doctor from the University of Texas School of Law, also in Austin .  Upon graduation from law school he moved to Los Angeles , California , where he practiced law for five years before relocating to Santa Barbara.Pete has six children ranging in age from 5 to 25.  As first time children's book author, Pete has drawn on his own experience as a parent who has read hundreds of books to his six children over the last 20 plus years to create a compelling story that demands to be read over and over again.


Catherine Perlman

Catherine (“Coo”) Perlman, also a lawyer,  is Pete Umoff's partner in Stairway Publishing as well as in life.  She is the Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) of Stairway Publishing and handles the day to day operational and marketing duties of the company while Pete handles the rest.  Coo grew up in Mobile , Alabama and received her bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College where she majored in English Literature.  Coo obtained her juris doctor degree from UCLA Law School , and, after three years of law practice, went on to obtain her LLM in Estate Planning from the University of Miami in Miami , Florida before moving to Santa Barbara to resume the practice of law.



Craig Tyler

Craig Tyler has loved illustrating as far back as he can remember and has been publishing his drawings and paintings for over 35 years. In “A Fine Kettle Of Fish” he has achieved what all illustrators strive for: he has endowed his characters, and their story, with life, humor, and heart.Craig is a professional commercial illustrator whose talent is obvious.  Stairway Publishing is proud and fortunate indeed to be the publisher of Craig's first children's picture book.  Craig grew up in Santa Barbara and presently works in the Los Angeles , Ventura and Santa Barbara communities.